(2018 - 2019)

Directorate of Economics, Statistics, Monitoring & Evaluation

The Directorate of Economics, Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation (DESM&E) is the apex statistical organization of the state government and is declared as the “Nodal Agency” for all statistical activities in the State. The directorate was initially established as Bureau of Economics and Statistics (BES) in the year 1978. In the year 2004, the organization was upgraded to a directorate and was also bestowed the task of monitoring and evaluation of various schemes.

The Directorate of Economics, Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation is the states’ central statistical authority both for providing the statistical man power to all the line departments and to guide and advise the state government and its different departments on matters relating to collection, analysis and dissemination of statistics. The directorate also acts as liasion between the State Government and the Central Government on all Statistical matters.



The Vision Statement of DESM&E “The Vision of the statistical system in the State shall be to establish systems, processes and best practices, to provide within the decentralized st…
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Area: 7096 sq kms   |   State Capital : Gangtok   |  Number of district: 4  |  Sub division: 16   |  Literacy rate: 81.4%  |  Sex ratio: 890 per thousand males  |  Density: 86 person per sq.km  |  Per capita income at current prices: Rs 29,7765.00  |  Per capita income at constant prices: Rs 21,8333.00  |  Birth rate: 17.1  |  Death rate: 5.1  |  Infant Mortality Rate (IMR): 19  |  Neonatal Mortality: 19.4  |  Post Neonatal: 14.3  |  Child Mortality: 6.7  |  Under Five Mortality: 32  |  Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR): 8  |  Total Fertility Rate (TFR): 1.2