20th COCSSO, 2013

The 20th Conference of Central and State Statistical Organisations (COCSSO) was organised in Gangtok, Sikkim on 10-11th January 2013. Over 160 participants from all states, union territories and Central Ministries attended in the conference. The selection of our state to host this mammoth and prestigious event is a milestone in the history of the department and recognition of our abilities.

The COCSSO was organized for the first time in the year 1971 with a view to strengthen the coordination of statistical activities among the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, other Central Ministries and State Statistical Organisations. The objectives of the conference are as under:

  • > To provide a platform for discussion on the statistical issues of common interest to the Central and the State Statistical Organistions;
  • >To provide an overall perspective to the development of statistical system and to make recommendations/suggestions on issues having bearing on the development of the statistical system;
  • > To solve the technical issues relating to statistics;
  • > To set up Working Groups on specific issues/tasks relating to official statistics;
  • > To provide guidelines in the collection of statistics and maintenance of statistical standards and quality, besides uniformity in statistical standards;
  • > To consider the Action Taken Report of the follow up action on the recommendations of the previous meetings(s) of COCSSO; and
  • > To review the role of the Statistical Advisers in the Central and States/UT Governments.


Area: 7096 sq kms   |   State Capital : Gangtok   |  Number of district: 4  |  Sub division: 16   |  Literacy rate: 81.4%  |  Sex ratio: 890 per thousand males  |  Density: 86 person per sq.km  |  Per capita income at current prices: Rs 29,7765.00  |  Per capita income at constant prices: Rs 21,8333.00  |  Birth rate: 17.1  |  Death rate: 5.1  |  Infant Mortality Rate (IMR): 19  |  Neonatal Mortality: 19.4  |  Post Neonatal: 14.3  |  Child Mortality: 6.7  |  Under Five Mortality: 32  |  Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR): 8  |  Total Fertility Rate (TFR): 1.2