Sikkim Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Sikkim) Rules, 2015, has been notified to conduct Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for the purpose of the proposed land acquisition by various government agencies as well as private sector companies. To conduct SIA , the State Goverment vide Notification No. 11/279/LR & DMD.ACQ/GOS dated 05/03/2016 has notified Department of Economics, Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation (DESM&E) as the Social Impact Assessment Unit of the State.


The main objective of Social Impact Assessment for acquisition of land is to ensure fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement of the affected families. The objective of the Social Impact Assesment is to help


(a) In predicting in advance, the potential impacts (Social, Cultural and Economic) and loss of access (infrastructure, public services, physical cultural resources) that are likely to follow from the proposed project .

(b) Suggesting suitable steps necessary to prevent / contain harmful potential impacts of the proposed projects.



Ref. No. 563DESME

Gazette Notification
Area: 7096 sq kms   |   State Capital : Gangtok   |  Number of district: 4  |  Sub division: 16   |  Literacy rate: 81.4%  |  Sex ratio: 890 per thousand males  |  Density: 86 person per  |  Per capita income at current prices: Rs 29,7765.00  |  Per capita income at constant prices: Rs 21,8333.00  |  Birth rate: 17.1  |  Death rate: 5.1  |  Infant Mortality Rate (IMR): 19  |  Neonatal Mortality: 19.4  |  Post Neonatal: 14.3  |  Child Mortality: 6.7  |  Under Five Mortality: 32  |  Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR): 8  |  Total Fertility Rate (TFR): 1.2